A downloadable asset pack

Discord: https://discord.gg/UQyBKeq

Quick MMO Template Features:

  * C# Server, Unity Client
  * TCP or UDP Connection using Dark Rift 2
  * Login and Game Servers
  * Login server will list all the game servers
  * Game Server Selection
  * Character Selection
  * Character Creation
  * Character Delete
  * Registration/ Login/ Forgot Password (using email)
  * Player Instantiation
  * Player Movement
  * Items Loaded from Server and sent to Client
  * Packet Encryption (XOR)
  * Animation Sync
  * Server side WASD Movement (client - input -> server - calculations -> updates location for clients)
  * Inventory


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No download?

you will need to join our discord

Look cool! One day I will try this.

Thank you